Chemistry Thought Of The Day: 4th of July

With most folks looking to the sky this evening, lets take a quick look at the science behind the colors.The colors you see in the sky are created by electrons. Every atom has a cloud of electrons circling the nucleus in what are called orbitals. Generally the electrons settle in the orbitals closest too the […]

Biology Thought Of The Day: World Cup Bonus!

So there is a World Cup story about a Brazilian family who has 12 fingers (6 on each hand) spreading cheer, bringing luck, etc… The title of many articles about it read something like “odd” and “rare genetic order”.However, I am not sure why we consider it this way. Polydactylism is actually a genetically dominant […]

Physics Though Of The Day: Goooaaaaal

How do the following numbers relate to each other:7.31 x 2.44  10.97  31.29 For those of you not into non-US sports and metric numbers, you may recognize these as the size of a soccer (aka Futbol) goal, the distance between the goal line and where a penalty kick is taken from, and the average speed […]