Math Thought Of The Day: Wobble

This has possibly been making the rounds a bit, but as we are beginning to get into the Carolina fall days, the thought of drinking beer on a porch at some drinkery is quite appealing. The not so appealing aspect of it is when the table you are sitting at decides that only having 75% […]

Biology Thought Of The Day: Apoptosis

As I complete another journey around the sun, I give a brief pause to think that what I was a year ago has likely died off and but a distant memory. But never fear, this is not going to turn into the “philosophy thought of the day,” I really don’t have the patience for that.  […]

Meteorology Thought Of The Day: Heat Lightning

As the long summer evenings draw to a close, there may be more and more reports of ‘heat lightning’, the small flashes in the distant clouds without the accompanying thunder. However, heat lightning can generally fall into the same category as centrifugal force, in that it doesn’t truly exist.The common myth is that the atmospheric […]