Biology Thought Of The Day: Garbage

At my current age, I feel that I am old enough to not have to eat things I do not like. This was not always the case though, and there were some meals throughout my childhood that earned various monikers based on edibility. But what if there was something that made unpalatable food taste good? […]

Biology Thought of the Day: Monkey See

How often is a job so easy that even a monkey could do it? That may not be such a bad thing after all. In addition to all the other stuff we share with our closest relatives, add mathematical ability to the list. Rhesus monkeys have been found to be able to learn simple addition, […]

Physics Thought Of The Day: Air Bubble

For those of you that have kids, today’s thought may prove to be a fun little DIY science experiment. For those of you with young adults, maybe you can get a free chore or dinner out of it by winning a ‘bar bet’.DIY: If you have a standard helium filled balloon in a stationary car, […]