Chemistry Thought Of The Day: Time-Lapse!!

This is going to be my first post back under my new format, and for the long time followers you’ll notice that I did my best to pull in all of my old posts.  Some of you may be asking, why did I do this.  Here’s my best shot at an explanation: I don’t exactly like […]

Biology Thought Of The Day: Spooooon!!

It doesn’t seem that you can go a day or two without hearing about the latest in the fight on Ebola, and by all means it is a fairly horrible virus with a obscenely high mortality rate. But what if there was something out there which could instantly turn your diet on its head? Enter […]

Math Thought Of The Day: Wobble

This has possibly been making the rounds a bit, but as we are beginning to get into the Carolina fall days, the thought of drinking beer on a porch at some drinkery is quite appealing. The not so appealing aspect of it is when the table you are sitting at decides that only having 75% […]