Chemistry Thought Of The Day: Holiday Fun – Snowflakes

DIY: Snowflakes TOOLS: String Wide-mouth mason jar Pipe Cleaners Borax (Look in laundry section of grocery) Pencil / Clothes Pins Water Food Coloring (optional) PROCEDURE: Form pipe cleaners into whatever festive shape you’d like.  Make sure that it will fit into the jar. Tie one end of the string to the pipe cleaner and the […]

Biology Thought Of The Day: The T-Word

How many times on that 3rd or 4th Thursday of November, the loosened belt and a cozy spot on the couch turns into an afternoon of catching z’s instead of catching the football game.  Inevitably, you’ll hear the term “turkey tryptophan” as the culprit. Amino acids are essential building blocks in the human body.  In […]

Astronomy Thought Of The Day: Philae

Space, and space related things generally can make some pretty big headlines.  Whether it be Hubble, the Curiosity landing on Mars, or Space Oddity Chris Hadfield serenading us from aboard the ISS, the milestones in exploration history act as nice distraction from the typical news stories of any given day.  What may be even more […]