Biology Thought Of The Day: Nature’s Dice

Australia is home to some of the more unique animal and plant species in the world. Some of those species are known fairly well for not being overly agreeable with humans.  From crocodiles, spiders, snakes, nettles, to wombats; Australia has plenty of things that can get you.  Wombat you ask? The average wombat can weigh […]

Biology Thought Of The Day: Around Here Somewhere…

DIY:  Finding Your Body TOOLS: None PROCEDURE: Close Your Eyes Stand On One Leg Try The Following: Touch your index finger to your: Earlobe Nose Elbow With your elbows bent, touch your two index fingers together. WHAT’S UP? The experiment that you just tried is a lesson in proprioception, coming from the Latin meaning one’s […]

Chemistry Thought Of The Day: Time-Lapse!!

This is going to be my first post back under my new format, and for the long time followers you’ll notice that I did my best to pull in all of my old posts.  Some of you may be asking, why did I do this.  Here’s my best shot at an explanation: I don’t exactly like […]