Astronomy thought of the day: Apparent

Since this is timely, try this on for size. Professor Stephen Hawking claimed that black holes do not exist – at least, not as we currently understand them. He claims that the traditional notion of a black hole’s “event horizon” from which nothing can escape, even light, is incompatible with quantum physics. If so, physicists […]

Biology Thought Of The Day: Chronostasis

We’ve all heard the phrase ugly enough to stop a clock, but what happens when that is actually the case? For starters I challenge you to find an analog clock, and preferably not be the creepy old guy at the elementary school. Found one good…When you first stare at the clock, you may notice that […]

Chemistry Thought Of The Day: Mpemba

Hot water seems to freeze faster than cold water, known as the Mpemba effect. The effect was named after the Tanzanian student who in 1963 noticed that hot ice cream mix freezes faster than a cold one. The effect was first observed by Aristotle in the 4th century BC, then later Francis Bacon and René […]