Physics Thought Of The Day: Air Bubble

For those of you that have kids, today’s thought may prove to be a fun little DIY science experiment. For those of you with young adults, maybe you can get a free chore or dinner out of it by winning a ‘bar bet’.DIY: If you have a standard helium filled balloon in a stationary car, […]

Biology Thought Of The Day: Salsa Shark

To me, one of the more revolting thoughts of a morning ritual is drinking orange juice following brushing your teeth. I say that, but there was the whole experiment with Honey Nut Beerios during a beach week, but perhaps that is a discussion for a different post. The acrid taste in your mouth when you […]

Biology Thought Of The Day: Cold Feet

We’ve all heard the term before. It’s when we decide, usually at the very last minute, that we cannot go through with a major life change. There’s stress, panic, often anxiety, or just plain scared. But what if our feet *actually* got colder under these scenarios. Science says they sure do.Our bodies regulate our reactions […]