Astronomy Thought Of The Day: Small Bang?

I didn’t get to this earlier today as I had hoped, and really wanted to talk about probablity or NASA funding, but that will have to be saved for the future.A few hundred thousand years after the Big Bang, hydrogen gas started to heat up and the first stars were formed. One of these first […]

Physics Thought Of The Day: Orville Redenbacher

Using controlled nuclear fusion for a source of virtually unlimited power that is pollution-free has been a dream of physicists since Einstein. Though it is still a long way off, a new breakthrough has occurred where researchers actually saw a net gain in energy following a fusion reaction. The announcement comes from the National Ignition […]

Biology Thought Of The Day: Memory

Scientists have known for a while that our memories are the process are synaptic transmissions in our brain and are stored in neurons, but they have been able to film the actual process for the first time inside of a mouse.Memories are made by messenger RNA (mRNA) that encode β-actin protein. These proteins are responsible […]