Biology Thought Of The Day: Flying High

Across the internet, you can find all sorts of websites dedicated to culinary fare.  There is sharing of recipes on Pinterest, yummly, AllRecipes, etc.  TV shows across multiple networks are dedicated to “The Best <madlib a food here>”, “Our Favorite <pick food genre>”, or “Where to eat in <pick a city>”.  And with the summer […]

Chemistry Thought Of The Day: Triangles

There has been a handful of news reports recently discussing the recent tragedy of the SpaceX rocket, where the term ‘Explosion’ has been used.  But is that what has really happened? In order to have combustion, three elements are needed: heat, fuel, and an oxidizing agent.  The topic of redux reactions could likely span multiple […]

The Sounds Of Silence

Things have been quiet here for the last couple months.  Quite simply, I applied a patch to the machine hosting this site, and everything broke in a quite tremendous fashion.  I have been working in my spare time to troubleshoot and identify the problem(s), and hope that they are now taken care of.  So expect […]