Biology Thought Of The Day: Chronostasis

We’ve all heard the phrase ugly enough to stop a clock, but what happens when that is actually the case? For starters I challenge you to find an analog clock, and preferably not be the creepy old guy at the elementary school. Found one good…When you first stare at the clock, you may notice that […]

Biology Thought of the Day: Photosynthesis

Plants are able to create energy from sunlight through the process of photosynthesis. Manmade solar panels were created to do the same thing, though it turns out they are much better at it than plants, as some solar panels are about ten times more efficient at generating electricity. However, the process isn’t perfect. One lab […]

Biology Thought Of The Day: Welcome

This is my first post trying to pass on some scientific tidbits.  I’ll try to cover a wide variety of topics and inject a bit of humor from time to time.While studying genetically identical bacteria, scientists have found that they may have markedly different behavior, leaving open the door for theories on antibiotic resistance.What they […]