Biology Thought Of The Day: Spooooon!!

It doesn’t seem that you can go a day or two without hearing about the latest in the fight on Ebola, and by all means it is a fairly horrible virus with a obscenely high mortality rate. But what if there was something out there which could instantly turn your diet on its head? Enter […]

Biology Thought Of The Day: World Cup Bonus!

So there is a World Cup story about a Brazilian family who has 12 fingers (6 on each hand) spreading cheer, bringing luck, etc… The title of many articles about it read something like “odd” and “rare genetic order”.However, I am not sure why we consider it this way. Polydactylism is actually a genetically dominant […]

Biology Thought Of The Day: Garbage

At my current age, I feel that I am old enough to not have to eat things I do not like. This was not always the case though, and there were some meals throughout my childhood that earned various monikers based on edibility. But what if there was something that made unpalatable food taste good? […]