Chemistry Thought Of The Day: Triangles

There has been a handful of news reports recently discussing the recent tragedy of the SpaceX rocket, where the term ‘Explosion’ has been used.  But is that what has really happened? In order to have combustion, three elements are needed: heat, fuel, and an oxidizing agent.  The topic of redux reactions could likely span multiple […]

Chemistry Thought Of The Day: Magic Smoke

DIY: Magic Smoke TOOLS: Candle Lighter PROCEDURE: Light the candle When the wax starts to melt, blow it out Hold a lit lighter above the candle in the smoke originating from the wick If done properly, the candle should relight CAUTION(s): It’s Fire… THE SCIENCE: A candle is typically made of two different pieces, a […]

Chemistry Thought Of The Day: Baking what?

Come the holidays, whether they realize it or not, a lot of folks quietly, or not so quietly in the case of working smoke detectors, become budding chemists.  And while the lab coat and beakers may take the form of aprons and measuring cups, baking can be highly dependent on the proper chemistry to ensure […]